Social Media Monitoring

With numerous social media sites, forums, and millions of blogs generated every second, handling your business online has become an art. It is a big risk for your business if you are not aware of what’s being said about your products or services by any individual or your competitor for that matter. We want to help you, to insure you stay top of your game.

There is every chance that people might get influenced by the user generated internet content about your company. Through the growing number of sites, forums and blogs there is every chance that your company’s name can either be lifted up or thrown down in business. Our social media monitoring service can monitor brand perceptions and identify marketing opportunities by tracking what people are saying about your brand, product & competition.

We utilise the best social monitoring tools in combination with a human review process to measure the volume of conversations, monitor brand perceptions and understand sentiment. This allows us to determine whether brands are receiving positive, negative or neutral commentary from bloggers, investors, customers and prospects. Additionally we are able to identify risks early and control crisis management and brand reputation, if any incident arises.

Through our social media monitoring service, we can track how online insights of your brand change over time. We not only measure the level of buzz your brand creates, we are also able to see how users feel about it. This means that you can easily see what you’re doing right according to your customers or where there’s room for improvement.